DIY or Hire A Professional? Why People Let Us Do the Job

Painting is not as simple as most people think. There are many points to consider when deciding whether to undertake a painting project, least of which is having the time to finish the work.  Here are reasons many people choose to have us do the job instead of doing it themselves.

  • As professional painters, we can apply expertise gained from having done many different types of surfaces and textures. Painting is much more than going to the hardware store and grabbing a gallon of paint and a few brushes. It is important to understand paint chemistry and paint application techniques required for varying material surfaces.
  • Many jobs are physically demanding. As painters, we are accustomed to this. We know how to maneuver on ladders, and we are able to paint ceilings all day long. If you are not used to this activity, you will want to consider hiring us.
  • Our experience allows us to be proficient, practiced and effective.  We often can accomplish the work in greatly reduced time just because we know what we are doing.
  • We are fully insured, bonded, and understand the laws and regulations governing our industry.  We comply with the laws governing lead paint abatement. We guarantee our work.

What Will it Cost?

The answer to every question about cost begins with the word, “depends.”  Chances are you have a job in mind, and you are wondering how much it is going to cost to get it done. It would be great if we could give an estimate online, but we all know how that becomes very impractical. The best way to know what it will cost is to let us take a look at no charge to you. This will allow us to understand factors such as surface moisture issues, preparation needs, amount of surface area, texture variations, number of windows and doors, trim, and special circumstances that may apply. Most people are pleasantly surprised how reasonable our rates are.

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