“exceeding expectations”

Expect more than just painters

It is as important for you to know who we are as it is to know what we do (learn about our painting services here). Hi, we are Pete and Suzie Coughlin. We know trust, integrity, and attitude make a difference. Building a rapport with people does also.

We have a saying, “we love to exceed your expectations.” We say this because we enjoy doing so. It is part of our make-up to take pleasure in customer satisfaction. We totally enjoy hearing, “Wow, what a difference. Great job! Nice, I didn’t expect you were going to …” This might sound corny, but it is true, we enjoy getting to know you and doing a great job for you.

After all, it is your home

We don’t paint houses, we paint homes, your home. Your home is where you live, your personal space. It is where you spend much of your time. Home is a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Home is a place where family and friends gather. As the famous movie line says, “There’s no place like home.” Whenever we paint, we keep in mind, this is your home. That is why we do our very best to work in a manner not to disturb your life in your home. We clean up after ourselves at the end of every day. We work hard to protect your belongings. Most importantly, we know that a home is a very big investment, and we want our work to enhance your investment. We want to do our part to help you have the home you are happy to be in.

Or, maybe it is your business

The same way we show value to people’s homes, we demonstrate value for your business. As small business owners, we understand how your business is a reflection of you. You don’t want a stain on the ceiling or dingy marks on the wall to detract or possibly steer away clients. We understand how you want to walk into your business and have the building and room showcase your merchandise. You want your customers to think highly of your business. You built your business on reputation. You aim to maintain your reputation and grow your customer base. We want to help you exceed your customers’ expectations by exceeding yours. As painting professionals, we will work closely with you to minimize disruption and provide a professional, attractive, quality paint job.

Ask others

We have a place on this website for customer testimonials here . See what other people are saying. If you want to talk to a previous customer, let us know. We want you to have trust, confidence, and assurance we do what we say we will do, professionally, efficiently, and personally.

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