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 “exceeding expectations” …. in How We Paint


Expect Professional

We don’t take the phrase “professional painters” lightly. We are very serious about what we do. We believe professional painting services is just that, professional. Professional painting requires knowledge about what works, and what doesn’t.  It involves knowing about paint chemistry and about surface responses to coatings. Being professional involves experience with proven methods. A professional painter works efficiently and timely without compromising value. Being professional also means understanding customer service, common courtesy, respect, and friendliness.



Expect Passing the Test of Time

A great paint job doesn’t just look good; a great paint job lasts.  Time tests every paint job, separating a good paint job from a great one. What looks good today may crack, bubble, chip, peel, or fade in the near future if not done correctly. A paint job that doesn’t pass the test of time is unacceptable. Painting your home or business should be a confident investment, not a potential risk.


Expect Preparation

People are eager to see the finished product. There is joy that takes place when you start to see the paint applied and colors you chose become visible. But, don’t rush into getting quick gratification at the expense of quality. Proper preparation must come first if you want a great paint job. We follow our own code; we call it the three “P’s of Preparation.” (By the way, if all this preparation sounds like it might take forever, keep in mind, as professionals, we know how to proficiently tackle tasks that might take a layperson hours to accomplish.)

1)     Preparation for “Permanency”

Every paint job looks great after the first coat is applied. But how great will it look one year later? Five years later? A great paint job doesn’t just look good after the first month or year. A great paint job looks great for a very long time.  What is the key to permanency? Surface preparation is the most important factor contributing to a lasting paint job. Scraping, cleaning, removing mildew and mold, caulking, glazing, creating moisture barriers, sanding, and other processes are not just nice; they are absolutely necessary. Long-term paint adhesion depends upon preparing for permanency.

2)     Preparation for “Precision”

A precise paint job looks crisp, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing. It is hard to describe with words, but when you see it, you know. The trim looks neat, and the overall surface looks even. Precision requires the proper tools and approach. A precise paint job is one in which there is attention to the details. Edges are straight, corners are exact, and there is consideration for the specifics. Handles, knobs, switches, buttons, and the myriad of doo-hickeys are rightly treated. Taking time to “prepare for precision” results in an outstanding product.

3)     Preparation for “Protection”

You have specific areas you would like painted, and areas you definitely do not want painted. Preparing the paint area involves protecting your belongings from over-painting and splatter. We are fussy about taping and installing protective coverings. Protection also involves protecting your privacy and space. It is our desire to plan the work efficiently so we minimize disruptions to your life.

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